Thank you for visiting Adam Smith’s EPK (Electronic Press Kit). Here you will be able to listen to and download all songs from all of Adam’s releases, including the most recent 17-song CD entitled So Simple Now. You will also have access to a few unreleased songs as well as some live performances.

You can also view and download Adam’s images, in high resolution for print and low resolution for web and digital use, and experience a few videos. We have also included a few versions of Adam’s bio (short, medium and long) in hopes that you will select the one that best fits your purpose.

A simple password is required to access Adam’s music. Please click here and provide us with your media or venue credentials and we will immediately email you the password. Adam’s music is also available on iTunes, Amazon.com, CDbaby.com and at other online music retailers.

A physical press kit with CD is also available on request. Please contact Ken Baca at 775.843.2722 or at kenbaca@gmail.com.

At anytime, if you need to speak with someone, schedule an interview with Adam or book him for your show or venue, please contact Adam’s manager, Jim Colletti directly at 480-390-4900 or at jim@elementstudioswest.com.